5 Mistakes that Could Hurt Your Car Accident Claim

Knowing what you should and should not do when handling a car accident case is crucial. It’s a given that we will recommend for people to hire a personal injury attorney to help them throughout the legal process by guiding them and giving them the advice to get the best knowledge of their rights in […]

Understanding Statute of Limitations Utah Injury Cases

Did you know that almost every type of case has a timeline associated with it and you must address that timeline or you may lose your rights associated with your case?  These specific timelines are called the Statute of Limitations.  A Statute of Limitation, as defined by www.law.cornell.edu is:  “is a law that sets the maximum […]

Personal Injury Lawsuits Step by Step

There are many examples of accidents that can leave you needing a personal injury lawyer. From a slip, trip, and fall in a store to a workplace accident, car accident, or recreational mishap, the list seems to be endless. To make sure you are prepared just if one of these unfortunate accidents happens to you, […]

Remote Depositions during COVID-19

We have failed to keep COVID-19 at bay, but we have created innovative ways to accommodate everyday necessities. One of them is how we have updated our legal management system including, how we are now allowing remote depositions so that, in turn, our clients can still see their cases moving forward during these trying times. […]

Common Misconceptions Surrounding Personal Injury Cases

There are many misconceptions surrounding personal injury cases.  This is compounded by a barrage of false information on the internet.  Given this, you must be careful what sources you obtain information from as it relates to your personal injury case.   Personal injury cases are not for people who did not suffer an injury; want to […]

Common Terms Used in Personal Injury Cases

It can be easy for legal professionals to forget that the average person does not deal with standard terms daily. For many clients, an injury case can be the first time they have dealt with attorneys, insurance companies, and the court system in a significant way. The entire process can seem long, confusing, and intimidating […]

Can I get Punitive Damages in Utah Injury Cases?

Can I get punitive damages in Utah injury cases? It is essential to understand the difference between punitive damages and compensatory damages in an injury case. Compensatory damages are what we think of most often when a person is involved in an accident. They are monetary awards designed to compensate a person once they have […]