Knowing what you should and should not do when handling a car accident case is crucial. It’s a given that we will recommend for people to hire a personal injury attorney to help them throughout the legal process by guiding them and giving them the advice to get the best knowledge of their rights in these situations. Nevertheless, in this article, we wish to cover the most common mistakes that can hurt your vehicle accident claim. 

Avoid committing one of these mistakes to ensure you receive the most compensation to support any injuries you may have sustained and any damages to your property. 

Failed to File an Accident Report with DMV

In the state of Utah, you have to report the accident to the DMV for any accident with the result of death, injury, vehicle towing, or property damage exceeding $1,500. This report is separate from a police report. Failing to file this report will make your case extremely hard to win and could put your driver’s license at risk for suspension.

Statement Provided to Insurance Adjuster Without Consulting an Attorney

The job of insurance adjusters is to minimize losses for their employed company. They are trained to pull information from you that can be used against you to reduce and even, in some cases, deny you compensation. It would be best to meet with a personal injury expert before you give a statement to any insurance company.

Did Not Seek Medical Treatment

Suppose you should decide not to seek any medical appointments or treatment for your injuries. In that case, the insurance adjuster will assume that your injury was no cause for concern and doesn’t need any financial support. Gaps between treatments could also be deducted from the compensation.

Quick Payout

Maybe you decided that you want to avoid the legal process and accept a quick payout from the insurance company. Insurance companies offer a low amount of money right at the gate to get you to settle early. However, once you accept this money, you will not be able to make any further claims. You could be missing out on a lot of money if you do not go through the legal process. Make sure you’re consulting an attorney at all times to make sure you get the best compensation so you can achieve a swift recovery and cover all damages and expenses.

Waited Too Long

Throughout the years, we’ve had many clients who have waited way too long before seeking help from an attorney. In most cases like these, their claims are too close to the statute of limitations (4 years from the car accident) for us to step in and help them get the compensation they deserve. Stop waiting, contact an expert car accident attorney at Hernandez Injury Law and get a free consultation today. We’re here to help make sure you get as much compensation as you can get.