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Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle Accidents
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Salt Lake City Bicycle Accident Attorney

Have you been involved in a bicycle accident?

Sharing the road with vehicles can be a dangerous activity for Utah cyclists. Cyclists are at a greater risk of serious injury or even death because they are not protected by the car’s frame, airbags, or seat belts. Even though we are all responsible for safely sharing the roads, drivers can sometimes have a hard time seeing bikes. In other cases, a collision can occur because the driver was distracted, possibly texting or eating while operating a vehicle.

Being involved in a bicycle accident can be devastating, lead to large injuries and even wrongful death if the mishap is serious enough. Even if it was not your fault, the responsible party’s insurance company might not have your best interests at heart. In some cases, they are likely to refuse to acknowledge that fact, leading to an unfair settlement offer or complete denial of claims. The bike accident attorneys at The Law Offices of Roberto Hernandez can assist you during this tough and confusing process. Our service’s primary emphasis is to help you determine total liability and build the strongest case possible.

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Making a Bicycle Crash Claim

There are many ways that an experienced legal team can help you. If you or a loved one has suffered severe or minor injuries, it is a great idea to receive a case consultation. More often than not, the at-fault party committed one or all of the acts below that led to the accident.

  • Speeding, careless or aggressive driving
  • Was aware of poorly preserved or paved roads
  • Intoxicated at the time of the bike accident
  • Was an obstruction to the bike path (parked cars and trucks, autos in the bike lane, etc.)

Submitting a bicycle accident insurance claim can be a tough process to handle by yourself. You may feel all alone and confused by a process filled with unfamiliar processes. This is why you should strongly consider making a call to your local bicycle accident lawyers for a case assessment. Our bike accident lawyers can help you file and build your case and restore your life to what it was before the accident.

What exactly can an injury law firm do for you?

It should come as no surprise that insurance policy adjusters will make you an offer at the lowest amount feasible. This may not even fully cover your out of pocket medical expenses, let alone pain and suffering, time lost from work, and damage to your personal property. The insurance providers are likely trained in utilizing negotiation methods to maintain expenses at a bare minimum. Simply put, their objective is not to help you get back on your feet. Having a bike crash lawyer who is experienced in navigating clients through insurance law, recognizes the impacts of bicycle accident injuries; and the ins and outs of the Utah legal system will only reinforce your insurance claim than if you were to tackle your accident situation alone. Our bike accident lawyers are here to develop a strong bike crash case to secure you against those pushy insurance coverage adjusters. If you or a loved one has been injured due to another’s negligence, contact our office to speak with a legal representative and schedule a consultation.