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Few types of accidents can cause the same level of damage that a semi-truck collision can. Over the years, our firm has seen countless examples of the impacts a large trucking accident can have on local families. Perhaps more so than any traffic accident type, an attorney is necessary when an 18 wheeler is involved. Attorney Roberto Hernandez has a long track record of standing up for his clients against trucking companies and their insurance companies.

Contact our office today to learn about your legal rights and options. You can even request a case review consultation. During this meeting, you will gain a new understanding of your unique case and how it may look in the eyes of the law. Our professional legal staff can help you receive fair and just compensation for your commercial truck accident in Utah.

Common causes for truck accidents in Utah

The driver has been pushed too far: Commerical truck drivers are supposed to follow strict regulations to provide safety for fellow drivers and themselves. Unfortunately, drivers can sometimes bend or break these rules to stay on schedule. When drivers do not get enough sleep or take mandatory breaks, they can become sleepy, fatigued, and more prone to accidents.

The vehicle has not been properly maintained: Perhaps that accident occurred due to the machinery itself’s failure. The trucking company may be negligent when it comes to properly inspect and repairing their vehicles to help ensure they can be operated safely.

Human error leads to the accident: Even though commercial vehicle operators are supposed to be properly trained and certified, mistakes can and will happen. Examples can include when the driver fails to observe the rules of the road and local highway laws. This can also include speeding or operating the vehicle at speeds unsafe for given road conditions, such as driving too fast in a rainstorm.

Speak with an attorney about your truck accident case

As we said above, the injuries sustained in a semi-truck accident can be quite large and life-altering. In most cases, people will be lucky to walk away with simple broken bones. More often than other vehicle accidents, semi-trucks tend to cause passengers and drivers’ untimely and wrongful death. If you or a loved one has been involved in a commercial trucking accident, consider calling Roberto Hernandez. He and his legal staff can help you receive compensation for medical bills, time lost from work, damage to your property, and more so. When you call our law office, you can speak with a legal professional and request a consultation to discuss your case with a truck accident lawyer.