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Dogs can bring so much joy to the lives of those who choose to have them in their lives. After all, canines are known as man’s best friend for a reason. Despite how much we may love our dogs, they are still animals and can behave in ways we may not fully understand. This includes attacking other animals, or even worse when dogs bite other people. There are many reasons why even the most faithful and mild-mannered dog can break their normal behavior and attack. When this happens, the damages can range from small cuts and abrasions, too dangerous and life-threatening injuries. Before we get into the common types of wounds a dog bite can cause, let us look at why animals can sometimes attack other people.

Why dog bites happen in Utah

Aggressive behavior is ignored or not noticed: Pack animals like hounds can be territorial of their yard, property, or owners. They can also exhibit aggressive behavior towards strangers or when food is involved or have objects such as toys they perceive to be theirs. In many cases, dogs will give a warning sign before they attack. This includes growling and showing their teeth; they can become rigid like they are preparing to strike, snarling, and so forth. Sometimes people can misinterpret these signs as being playful or not looking at the dog or jogging with headphones on.

Small children are involved in the biting incident: Unfortunately, dog bite statistics show that small children are the most likely group to be attacked by a dog. There are many reasons for this to happen. It is most commonly because small children are less likely to give animals the personal space they deserve. Many kids tend to see a big lovable dog and want to treat it just like their favorite teddy bear. This includes putting their face right up against the dogs, pulling on their ears, or trying to ride them. Children are usually unaware that dogs can attack and will continue to do whatever behavior is upsetting the animal before it is too late.

Social aggression and fear: Every dog is different; some are particularly social and love meeting new people. Others have a hard time meeting new people or other animals. Most owners have a good understanding of how their dog will act when meeting new people and take the proper precautions. This includes locking up their dog when they expect the company or when they have a contractor or plumber over to their home. When a dog is frightened, their flight or fight can kick in; bigger or more aggressive dogs may choose to attack, while smaller and scared dogs may cower in the corner.

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The injuries suffered from a dog attack can range widely.  This depends on the breed of the dog, the size of the victim, and how long the attack occurred before help could come.  Injuries sustained can include but are not limited to:
  • deep cuts and tissue tears
  • damage to ligaments, joints, and nerves
  • loss of limbs, hands, feet, and fingers
  • permanent scarring that can disfigure to limit mobility
  • in some cases, wrongful death
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