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Drivers of motor vehicles in Utah have a responsibility to share roadways with motorcycles. This means to exhibit a reasonable level of care when it comes to ensuring that they pay attention to motorcycles. Utah is a state where motorcycles are best on the roads only half of the year due to snow. Perhaps after our long winters, we forget to look for these vehicles properly because it has been at least six months since we have seen them on the road.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a Utah motorcycle accident, our attorneys and legal staff are here to help you seek justice. This means collecting fair restitution for injuries due to the negligence of another. Roberto Hernandez and his team help both the English and Spanish speaking communities with their injury legal needs.

Leading causes of motorcycle accidents in Utah

Drivers fail to see the motorcycle: Obviously, the average bike is smaller than the average passenger vehicle. They are prone to be in blind spots, and drivers will make traffic maneuvers before ensuring that the path is clear. One common occurrence where a vehicle is likely to strike a motorcycle is when both cars are making lefthand turns. Even when drivers check their mirrors during a turn, they can inadvertently make extra-wide turns and go right into the cyclist’s pathway.

Distracted driving and cell phone use: Traffic accident occurrences are on the rise. One of the main reasons is that drivers are operating their vehicles more distracted than ever. Higher cell phone use and doing things like eating or drinking pose a risk to everyone.

Faulty equipment or dangerous conditions: Our attorneys understand that bike crashes and injuries can be caused by a number of aspects, including faulty highway styles, inadequate climate conditions, item defects (consisting of faulty tires or faulty helmets), as well as foolhardiness or oversight of other drivers. Because motorcycles do not supply the physical protection that cars do, motorcyclists are much more at risk of injuries, such as distressing brain injuries (TBIs), busted arm or legs, roadway rash and various other severe conditions.

Seek legal representation for a motorcycle accident

Because operators are not in a protective metal shield, like a vehicle, operators’ damage can be quite large. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident, it is in your best interest to speak with a legal professional. When you call the Law Offices of Roberto Hernandez, you can request a consultation to speak with an attorney. During this meeting, you will have your questions answered to learn about your case and what your legal rights are as a victim of the accident.