There are many misconceptions surrounding personal injury cases.  This is compounded by a barrage of false information on the internet.  Given this, you must be careful what sources you obtain information from as it relates to your personal injury case.   Personal injury cases are not for people who did not suffer an injury; want to make a quick buck; obtain large settlements for insignificant damages, and are easy cases that you can handle on your own accord.  The facts surrounding personal injury cases are quite the contrary.


Damages relating to personal injury cases need to be established through reputable sources and are not just taken for word-of-mouth.  For example, if you want to claim lost wages, you will need to prove that a doctor excused you from work and deliver supporting documentation by way of a letter from your medical provider or have it noted in your medical records.  Moreover, you will need to make your pay stubs, employment records, and possibly your income tax returns available.  The same holds true for injuries you suffer.  These injuries need to be documented by medical providers by way of your medical records.  Treatment needs to be consistent and thorough.


West Valley City personal injury cases can be lengthy and time-consuming.  Generally, all of your medical treatment and damages need to be completed and met out prior to attempting to resolve your case with the insurance company.  Until that time, you need to be patient and attend all of your medical appointments.  Attempting an early resolution of your case could cost you in the long run.  Moreover, if your claim is unable to be resolved with the insurance company, litigation will need to be initiated.  This brings with it an entirely different and new timeline – one that is laid out under the Utah Rules of Civil Procedure.  Often, your attorney is at the mercy of the insurance company, other counsel, medical providers, experts, and the Courts.


Insurance companies do not pay out large, unjustified settlements for an insignificant amount of damages.  Rather, settlement monies are paid based on damages, facts of the case, future costs and care needed, permanent damage, and pain and suffering, in addition to other things.  If you have heard of an extraordinarily large settlement – check your facts.  There is almost certainly some underlying information that substantiated the amount of the settlement, or the settlement was granted in order to punish a party for abhorrent behavior.


Finally, case outcomes have shown that if you hire an attorney, the settlement value of your case tends to be significantly higher than if you were to resolve it on your own accord.  Personal injury cases have many intricacies, pitfalls, and nuances that skilled attorneys can overcome.