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Roberto Hernandez


Attorney at Law

Roberto Hernandez graduated from the University of Utah for both his bachelor’s and a law degree. After graduation, he worked for an insurance defense firm in Orange County, California, defending multi-million dollar lawsuits.

In 2011, Roberto returned to Utah to practice criminal defense for a reputable criminal defense firm in downtown Salt Lake City. In 2014, Roberto returned to personal injury law but now on the plaintiff’s side. He used his prior insurance defense knowledge and experience in favor of accident victims and secured settlements for his clients in excess of 1.3 million dollars before starting his own practice.

Roberto prides himself on ethical, professional, meticulous, and aggressive legal representation. He seeks to provide his clients with the best representation possible to secure fair and just compensations for their injuries.  

Sabrina Salcedo


Sabrina began her personal injury career in 2011. She now has seven years of personal injury experience, and she combines excellent organizational skills and customer service. Her passion is to help others fight injustice, advise them of their rights and the laws that protect them against victimization. She treats each client as if they were a family member and her attention to detail sets her apart. Along with her broad knowledge in personal injury, Sabrina has also gained experience with criminal and civil law, which helps her evaluate a case properly.
When she isn’t working, she likes spending time with her family, watching movies, traveling, and exploring the outdoors.

Valeria Heredia


Valeria has over a year and a half of personal injury, immigration, and family law experience. She received her associates of science in communications from Salt Lake Community College in 2016 and is currently attending LDS Business College to complete her Bachelors in Paralegal Studies. Her main goal is to build trustworthy relationships and ensure clients get the best advice and service possible. She entered the law field to protect and be the voice of those who do not know their rights or laws so that they are not victimized. She hopes to one day attend The University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law, where she will receive her law degree and focus on immigration, family law, and personal injury.
Valeria loves spending time with her family and friends, who are her biggest support system. She also loves to be outdoors, whether she is hiking, camping, or at a concert. She enjoys volunteering whenever she has the chance. She also loves to read; whether it’s fiction or a self-improving book, she’ll read it all. She also loves to dance and is a major sports fan.


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