Common auto accident injuries

Car accidents are among the most common incidents that cause severe injuries and medical concerns to drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. As a car accident law firm, the most frustrating truths are that most accidents are entirely avoidable. They are caused by human error, and in an ideal world, these accidents would not happen. We all too often see situations where accidents were caused by drunk drivers, distracted driving, or speeding while operating a vehicle. People tend to think that a horrible situation like a car accident could never happen to them. We hope that online articles such as these will help spread awareness and remind everyone to say safe on the roads.

Mild to serious injuries that can happen in a car accident

  1. Broken bones and limbs – One of the most common injuries during a car crash are broken bones such as arms, legs, and ribs. If the accident occurs at a high enough speed, the vehicle’s interior can smash in on itself and begin to wound passengers.
  2. Traumatic brain injury – Every time a persons’ head had been struck should be taken as a serious circumstance. As a car accident law firm, we have seen every horror story and unfortunate outcome imaginable. What may seem like simple dizziness or mild headaches after a car crash can lead to drastic consequences if not adequately treated by a medical professional. In some cases, people will want to go to bed after an accident, thinking they will sleep off the side effects; unfortunately, they never wake up, and the car crash leads to a wrongful death situation.
  3. Internal bleeding – It is always a good idea to visit a hospital or emergency room after a motorcycle, car, or large truck accident. When someone is involved in a car accident, they are oftentimes shocked and stressed due to the incident. They want to go home and get their minds off of what happened. It is crucial to fight these urges and get you and your loved ones checked out by a medical professional. Things like internal bleeding can often be hard to detect but can have severe repercussions if left unattended.


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