When Should you Hire an Attorney

When should you hire an attorney? So I have a lot of people ask me when I should hire an attorney for an auto accident and the answer to that is usually at the early stages of the case. Obviously, at the time of the accident, I want you to go ahead and call the […]

Car Wrecks: When Should I Seek a Lawyer?

The general public seems to think that car wrecks won’t happen to them or that if they do get in an accident, the insurance agency will bend over backward to help them. A lesser-known fact is that each insurance company has its legal team not necessarily to help fight for their customer’s legal rights but […]

Intersection Accidents: Expecting the Unexpected

If you have been involved in an unexpected intersection crash, an intersection accident attorney would have the ability to guide you throughout the legal process to determine who was at fault and help you obtain the best outcome and potential compensation. Intersection accidents often are complicated; it can be challenging to know how it is […]

The Dangers of Winter Driving

There is absolutely nothing near to a shortage of examples where severe winter months components have created car accidents in Utah. Just a couple of days ago, there were several auto accidents only off I-15, with several cars being involved as well as numerous lefts hurt. The annual rate of crashes has increased by a […]

How to Hire an Auto Accident Attorney in Utah

With numerous Salt Lake City, UT vehicle crash attorneys to choose from, how can you make sure you work with the one legal representative who will do the most to help you accomplish the most effective insurance coverage settlement or win your civil legal action? While no magic formula exists, complying with each of the […]