Items you will Need During your Initial Consultation

Items you will Need During your Initial Consultation

Most people speak with an injury attorney for the first time after they have been involved in a major accident of some kind.  In Utah common case types include car accidents, dog bites, slip and fall accidents or some type of work-related injury that requires worker’s compensation.  We have seen the commercials online or heard the commercials on the radio about what a personal injury attorney can do for you.  Despite being some what familiar with the concept, it does not mean that this meeting won’t be intimidating.  Many people do not know what to expect and perhaps are afraid they will not understand certain legal terms or what they can expect form their case.  Skilled lawyers understand the position that new clients are in.  It is their job during their initial consultation to put their minds at ease and breakdown complex legal processes in a way that makes sense to their potential clients.  One thing that can help alleviate anxiety during this meeting is to feel prepared and ready for the consultation.  Below is a list of items that you will want to bring to your case review consultation to help the attorney understand the finer points of your case.

Things to bring to your injury consultation

It is important to remember that the people working at your local law firm were not present to witness the accident, incident or situation.  It will help them build a potential case by evaluating evidence and damages that resulted from what happened.

Photographs and video evidence

People are often discombobulated after an accident.  They can be confused and even experience temporary memory loss, not knowing what happened moments before something like a car accident.  Hopefully you or someone else involved in the accident is able to gather evidence such as photographs and video evidence detailing the circumstances and damage after an accident.  Obviously do not put your personal safety at risk just to get pictures.  Ensure that all proper medical aid has been rendered and that emergency responders are on their way first.

Insurance information

It is a great idea to bring your identification cards and insurance provider information in case the attorney needs to review these materials.

A documentation of the damages

Bring all pertinent medical bills so that the attorney can gather an idea of the out of pocket medical expenses you may be facing.  These receipts and financial documents do not begin and end with just hospitals, however.  Bring any documents that can establish lost wages, property damage, repair estimates and any other cost that can be attributed to the accident.

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