Why is my personal insurance involved if I didn’t cause the accident?

Another common question that I get from a lot of people is why is my personal insurance involved if I didn’t cause this accident. And the reason your personal insurance is involved is because in Utah, there is a personal injury protection coverage that the state mandates the insurance companies to give their insureds and that covers and insures you for the first $3,000 of any medical treatment whether you were responsible for the accident or you were not, and that’s the reason why your insurance is involved. Obviously, if you were not responsible for the accident, then anything above the $3,000 will be submitted with the at-fault carrier and will ask for them to compensate you for that.

Otra pregunta común que recivo por muchas personas es por qué mi seguro personal esta involucrado si yo no causé el accidente. Y la razón por que su seguro personal está involucrado es porque en Utah, existe una cobertura de protección que el estado obliga a las compañías de seguros a cobrir el primer $3,000 para cualquier tratamiento médico, no importa si fues responsable por el accidente o no, y esa el la razón por la que su seguro está involucrado. Obviamente, si usted no fue responsable por el accidente, cualquier costo sobre el $3,000 se enviará al culpable y se pedirá que lo compose.