Responsibility may be shared by both the driver and the pedestrian in some situations.

Utah is a growing state, not only in terms of our overall population but with the number of visitors we get every year. As with any growing area, more people means more accidents. We are writing this article to talk about accidents that involve car accidents and pedestrians specifically. Many situations can result in someone being struck by a vehicle while walking on the street or sidewalk. Numerous fatalities involve pedestrians that crossroads illegally, for example, stepping outside the crosswalk, in between cars, or against traffic signals. Many agencies have taken it upon themselves to provide education to promote the threats of jaywalking or walking while distracted.

Sources of Pedestrian Auto-Accidents

Pedestrian related auto-accidents make up about 10 percent of yearly traffic deaths in Utah every year.

According to the Utah Division of Transportation, many types of accidents don’t occur at crossways. Such crashes consist of narrow, winding roadways with limited exposure, bad roads, and parking areas. This can also include lousy roadway maintenance, inadequately designed pathways, and any site that is meant to be used for walking.

A boost in the popularity of large vehicles such as trucks and SUVs has also led to increased pedestrian-related accidents. This is large since these vehicles have significant blind spots and longer stopping distances that various, smaller passenger vehicles. Distracted driving or walking because of smartphone usage has also been on the rise.

A 2018 spotlight on freeway safety provided by the Governors Highway Safety and Security Management reports that many pedestrians are killed in neighborhood roadways after dark. Nighttime accidents represent more than 90 percent of the increase in pedestrian fatalities recorded over the last ten years. The driver, the pedestrian, or both were hindered by alcohol in over 50 percent of the collisions that resulted in death.

More information about pedestrian accidents

The legislation does not instantly blame the vehicle operator who strikes a pedestrian. Pedestrians might also be responsible for a crash if they show negligence that leads to the accident in one way or another. This typically happens when one or all of the following actions have taken place:

  • Putting on dark clothing while strolling on the street after dark.
  • Jaywalking as opposed to utilizing the crosswalk.
  • Walking on the road while impaired by drugs or alcohol.
  • Being inattentive while crossing a road, for instance, by texting or talking on a cellular phone.
  • Walking along bridges, walkways, or other areas where indications specify that pedestrians are banned.
  • Going into a crosswalk without given notice by the crossing signal.

Have you or a loved one been involved in a pedestrian accident?

Responsibility can be shared by both the driver and the pedestrian. It can be quite challenging to build a strong case to show who was at fault and who can legally seek compensation for their injuries. When the stakes are high, it is important to have an experienced injury attorney on your side. This can include accident reconstruction and working with experts to determine the circumstances that lead to the accident. If you or a loved one has been injured and believes it was due to another’s negligence, you may have legal options. Call our office at (801) 590-3275 or use the contact page to speak with a legal professional or schedule a consultation.


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