Steps you can take after an auto accident

An automobile crash is quite a disorienting occurrence. People who have been involved in a small accident, report that they often forget what happened and have a hard time figuring out their surroundings. As soon as they come to their senses, it is important to ensure that everyone is safe and that immediate health concerns are being addressed. Regardless of how small or large the accident is, it is essential to notify the police to come to the accident scene as soon as possible. After any critical safety concerns have been addressed, and ambulances are on the way if necessary, it is time to document the accident to the best of available resources.

After the accident has taken place

  1. Make sure you and everyone else are waiting for the police to arrive in a safe place. Take a moment to ensure that both drivers and passengers have moved away from the middle of the street, ideally on a sidewalk or pathway while waiting for police. You can take pictures and record videos on your cell phone, if at all possible. Doing so may be collecting evidence for an automobile accident case that attorneys may need in the future.
  2. Ensure that the police create a report. Police reports are decisive evidence and used by insurance companies and law firms alike to establish what caused the car crash and who is at fault for the accident. Along with the police report, it is a good idea that you and any passengers are allowed to fill out witness statements of the accident. Talk to any police officers to ensure you get their contact information and understand how you can gain a copy of the police report once it has been filed.
  3. Get the contact information and insurance information of the other driver. If you are uncomfortable talking to the other driver, write down their license plate number and wait for police officers to arrive. They will get this information not to interact with the other driver if you are too nervous or shaken up from the accident directly.
  4. Speak with a local car crash lawyer before you provide any statements to insurance companies. People tend to trust their own insurance companies and provide information without considering the consequences of their statements. Most of the time, these phone calls are recorded and can provide difficulties if innocent phone conversations are taken out of context or misrepresented.


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