Vicious or misbehaved dogs pose a risk to all Utah residents, especially children. A dog bite should be taken seriously. Often, children do not know how to approach dogs. Even children who are taught may forget and end up being threatened by the dog. Aggressive dogs will often chase children if they are outside of their fenced yard. If a dog has bitten you or your child, it’s important to know the dog bite laws for Utah. Here are some steps you can take after a dog bite in Utah. 


Report to Police

The first thing you should do is report the dog bite incident to the police. The police officer will decide whether to call animal control and if there was a crime committed. 



Clean the bite wound immediately, first with soap and water, then alcohol, and after, apply antibiotic cream and bandage. If the wound is more serious, apply pressure with a clean cloth and call for immediate medical attention.



Make an appointment with a doctor to test if your skin was broken. You should also visit the doctor should you experience a fever or if the wound is swelling. 



Archive all information regarding the dog bite incident. Be sure to ask for the dog owner’s information as well as the dog’s rabies vaccination papers. Be as thorough as writing down the veterinarian’s name that administered the rabies vaccination to the dog and which veterinary they work for. 


Dog Bite Statute in Utah

The Utah dog bite statute can be found under the Utah Code § 18-1-1 and places liability on the dog’s owner for any injuries caused by the owner’s dog.


Hire a Utah Dog Bite Injury Attorney

Dog bites can be quite severe. Going from a normal daily routine to dealing with an injury that could have a serious impact on one’s health can be quite overwhelming. There’s no reason you should feel that you should figure this one out yourself. Seek help by calling one of our experienced West Valley dog bite attorneys to handle your case. We can fight on your behalf in order to get the compensation you deserve. All the while, you focus on getting the medical attention you need so you can make a quick recovery and return to your normal daily life.