What are the most common car accidents?

Car crashes happen every day on the road. UDOT or the Utah Department of Transportation just posted a sign on the highway overpass stating that 17 lives were lost in October due to car accidents. Fortunately, most collisions will not result in a life-ending accident. Regardless, a car accident can cause significant damage to your vehicle and may even result in life-altering injuries. Below are the most common car accident types. We hope that you can keep your family safer while driving by knowing what accidents are most likely to happen. It is important to remember that if you are ever involved in one of these crashes, then you should contact a Salt Lake City personal injury attorney as soon as possible by calling (801) 590-3275.

Car accidents that are most likely to happen

Rear-end collisions

This is, by far, one of the most common accidents that happen on the roads. These accidents occur most frequently because one of the following things happens. The first is that someone is following too closely or “tailgating” the vehicle they are following. Remember that even in slow-moving traffic, you should always leave enough space between your car and the car in front of you. In the other situation, someone has been distracted while driving and have not noticed that the car or truck they are following has stopped. You can avoid these accidents by always leaving enough space for sudden stops. If you see that someone is following too closely, you can try changing lanes when safe. Do not try and break-check or slow down to let that person know they are too close to you.

Single-vehicle accidents

As the name may lead you to believe, these accidents happen when only one car, truck, or motorcycle is involved. Teenage drivers who do not have as much experience are more likely to be engaged in single-car accidents than more experienced drivers. As we all know, winters in Utah can be a difficult time of year to be on the road. Slipping on ice and colliding into an object or going off the street can often happen. These accidents can be avoided by ensuring that you are going at the appropriate speed for current driving conditions. You should also ensure that you have proper tires to keep traction when roads are slippery or icy.

T-bone accidents

These accidents occur when one vehicle runs into another car driving in an intersecting line of traffic. Traffic lights and 4-way stops are where most t-bone accidents occur because intersecting lines of traffic cross. An example is when one car runs a red light or fails to yield when left-hand turning vehicles have the right way properly. The best way to avoid these accidents is to follow all traffic protocols. Unfortunately, humans make mistakes, and this is not going to happen. Whenever you reach a traffic light or stop sign, take a few extra moments to ensure that you are clear to move. For example, take a moment to turn your head left and right to make sure someone runs through the intersection to beat a red light.


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