To some, it may be intimidating to contact an attorney’s office. However, the possible issues that may result if you do not contact an attorney could be shocking, especially when you have to work with an insurance company directly. Understand, the insurance company’s primary objective is to pay out as little as possible when it comes to claims. The adjuster’s primary role is to either find a reason to deny a claim outright or find some way to reduce your claim’s potential value (or reduce their liability).

Insurance companies may also argue:

Insurance policies are complicated contracts. The insurance company already has a significant advantage over you as they address claims every day. Statistically, research shows that hiring an attorney rather dramatically improves how an insurance company values your case. The Insurance Research Council did a study that shows that insurance companies pay out far more money toward represented persons than persons who are not. This study was focused on the car insurance industry, but the results speak that you are much more likely to improve the value of your case by hiring a lawyer.

Have an injury law firm on your side.

The prevention of a problem is better than a cure for it, and hiring competent legal representation can help make sure that something that could become a potentially huge issue won’t. Whether you suffer a minor or serious injury due to the negligence of another party, you need experienced legal advice before taking action to pursue compensation. Legal issues do not often arise in most lives, but when they occur, few people know local laws and processes needed to protect their rights and ensure the best outcome. Help balance the scales of justice and contact our office today. Our attorneys are on your side and will advocate for justice.