A motorcycle offers a unique way to explore the road. One that has been celebrated in almost all American storytelling. However, this thrilling ride can come with its dangers. Motorcyclists are vulnerable to various accidents. To highlight the importance of safe motorcycle riding, we have compiled a list of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents.

Low Visibility

Motorcycles are smaller than cars in build; they usually don’t get the same consideration on the road. Driving on the highway especially means having to navigate a space that’s mainly designed for full-size vehicles. Most cars are not looking out for motorcycles in the same way they would for other traffic. You can counteract this by being mindful and proactive when navigating around cars. When in doubt, assume other drivers can’t see you and drive defensively.

Dangerous Turn

Left-hand turns are notorious for causing accidents, with almost 40% of accidents involving a left turn. Whether the vehicle turns into an oncoming motorcycle or swipes into one that’s trying to pass, the results can be fatal. For the majority of cases, the left-turning vehicle is at fault for the accident.

Reckless Driving

Motorcycles are not the only vehicles in danger of other negligent, distracted, drunk, or impaired drivers. However, they are uniquely vulnerable to them. Motorcycles are already less visible than other vehicles to other motorists. In being so, they already increase their risk to distracted of impaired drivers.

Reckless operation of motorcycles can also pose a danger to motorists. We know it can be hard to suppress the adrenaline of blasting off on a high-end motorcycle. However, this is no reason to go crazy on the road, as you’re giving other vehicles even less time to react to a potential collision.

Driving Conditions

In Utah, we are all familiar with less than optimal driving conditions, to say the least. It can cause a significantly higher margin for something to go wrong during your casual ride. Be mindful of the condition of the road and your vehicle at all times, it would be a shame for you to sustain severe or even fatal injuries due to some ice. Also, maintaining your motorcycle to its proper efficiency can rule out mechanical issues from arising. The last thing you want is to be severely injured because your brake system failed at the wrong time. 

Getting injured in a motorcycle accident can lead to a long road to recovery. Since most motorcycle accidents are often severe, recovery can leave a nasty pile of hospital bills. That’s why we’re here to provide experienced motorcycle accident attorneys to help you get the compensation you truly deserve. Contact us online or call our office during regular office hours to see how our expert attorneys can help your case.