Understanding workers compensation claims in Utah

When a person has been injured at work, they often have many questions and concerns about their future. They can find themselves in a position where they feel that no one is on their side. Perhaps a dedicated employee has found that their claim has been denied. Insurance companies often deny claims based on a “pre-existing condition” that may or may not exist or are related to the injuries sustained. As a worker’s compensation law firm, we have seen countless cases where people are simply trying to get a fair settlement offer from their company’s insurance provider. Therefore, people need to speak with a local injury law firm rather than accept coverage denial.

Common questions about worker’s compensation

Utah’s worker’s compensation laws used to be straightforward and relatively easy to understand. Over time these regulations have gotten more complex, with people finding their benefits cut after one simple mistake or slipup.

Below are some common questions people have

When does my coverage begin?

In most cases, workers’ coverage will begin when you are officially hired by a company and start working for them. This means that even if you are injured on the first day, you still have access to benefits.

Do all employers in Utah have worker’s compensation coverage?

Virtually all employers in Utah will have worker’s compensation as mandated by local laws. This is meant to provide aid to injured or ill employees. A few exceptions to this rule where specific sales jobs, seasonal or farming work, will be exempt.

What type of benefits are offered?

Worker’s compensation in Utah offers a wide range of benefits designed to address many injuries and illnesses. Depending on the situation, coverage can be temporary to permanent and partial to total content. Please visit the Utah Labor Commission website for more information.

When should I report my accident and injuries?

You should report your injury or illness immediately. Doing so will help to start the process as early as possible. There is generally a time limit of 180 days where the claim must be filed; failure to do so could result in a loss of coverage or even a complete denial. It is highly advised that you report the injury to your supervisor or manager to begin the process correctly.

Why was my coverage denied?

Utah has a no-fault system implemented. This means that you should only be denied coverage if it is deemed that you intentionally injured yourself or were intoxicated at the time of the injury. In some cases, a 15% reduction can be implemented if the worker failed to adhere to safety standards or was not wearing proper safety equipment.

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