Summer Safety Tips to Avoid Injury

Summer Safety Tips to Avoid Injury

Staying Safe During the Summer

Summer season is a favorite time of year for many people, especially those who call Utah home.  It is a time filled with amazing opportunities to create family memories such as vacations, adventures, leisure time, sports and various outdoor activities.  It stands to reason that when we see an increase in physical and recreational activity, we also see a rise in accidents and injuries.  Many people do not realize this, but in the world of personal injury litigation, summer is known as the deadliest 100 days each and every year.  Numerous safety risks can be overlooked that can potentially ruin what was supposed to be an enjoyable summer season.

Common activities include relaxing by the pool, riding your bike through the city, or simply exploring a new location of town you haven’t been to before.  It is important you approach each circumstance with care and safety measures as to prevent any type of possible accidents.

Our accident lawyers suggest you consider the following safety tips for the summer. 

Pool safety:  Possible one of the most unsafe parts of summer has to do with swimming in residential and commercial pools.  While a pool can offer a terrific remedy for the hot summer sun, as well as a fantastic place of amusement in one’s home.  They additionally pose a unique risk for all who get involved.  This is especially true when small kids are around.  Young children get excited and run on wet surfaces causing slip and fall accidents, or in worse cases, drowning.  It only takes a few seconds for a child to drown, so always be on high alert whenever children are swimming in a pool.  According to the Children’s Security Network, drowning was the 2nd leading cause of deaths for youngsters between the ages of one to four years old.

Bicycle Safety:  Utah has over 350 bicyclists injured each and every year, mostly resulting from a collision with a vehicle.  Of those injured roughly 5-10 will be fatally killed.  It is important for drivers to stay mindful during the summer months when there are numerous cyclists on the road.  It is equally important for cyclists to have on correct safety gear such as a helmet and various kinds of padding including knee and elbow pads to help road rash should a bicycle accident happen.  Remember to look both ways when sharing the roads with automobiles and do not take for granted that drivers can see you.

Overheating:  Utah has extremely hot and dry summers.  This puts us all at risk for heat stroke, exhaustion or dehydration during outdoors time.  Please ensure that you are drinking enough fluids, as well as all children and even you animals that are accompanying you.  Remember to always check you vehicle to ensure that you have not accidentally forgotten your small child, dog or cat in the car.  Even a short amount of time can potentially be life threatening.

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Summertime is supposed to be a carefree time spent with close friends and loved ones.  Do not let an unanticipated yet preventable mishap lead to injury that restrains you from enjoying your time the way you want to.  Despite our best efforts, accidents can and will happen.  If you or a loved one has suffered from an accident that you believe came from the negligence of another, please do not wait to speak with an accident attorney about your rights.

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