As a personal injury law firm serving Utah, we know one thing is true. As soon as the snow starts falling, we see auto accidents skyrocket overnight. There are many reasons why car crashes become so frequent during the winter, but that topic is another article.  Instead, this post will address another issue that victims of a large car accident face. That issue is how to find the best law firm for your legal needs. All you need to do is drive down the highway to know that Utah does not have a lack of injury law firms at your disposal. It can feel overwhelming to determine who is the right attorney for you with all these options.  

Below are some questions you can ask yourself to help make that decision.  

Is the law firm willing to have a consultation?

No one likes feeling like just another number. Have you ever gone into a large department store and felt like you were just another fish in the sea? Maybe you had an issue or a customer complaint. Did it feel like the associate you talked to cared about your problem? We all have felt like this at one time or another. 

The feeling of not being important is the last time you want from your law firm. One great way to determine the best lawyer for you is if they are willing to make time for you. Asking for a consultation is an excellent step in the right direction.  

How experienced is the law firm dealing with your type of accident? 

When you reach for the phone, take a moment to do some research online. By visiting various law firm websites, you can learn more about the firm and the types of accident cases they handle. During your consultation, you can also ask about the firm’s experience and if they have a good track record of fair settlements for their clients.  

What does their team look like, and how is communication handled?

It is always a good idea to learn about the firm you consider hiring. This includes having a meeting with your prospective attorney and their legal staff. Ask if the attorney has any legal assistants or paralegals that will also be helping with your case. If you are the type of person who likes hands-on care, see the people you will be working with. Ask what kind of communication you will be getting from the law firm. How frequently are they going to be updating you on your case progress? Will you have reasonable access to speaking with the attorney?  

Finding the Right Injury Law Firm for You

Remember that attorneys are no different than any other specialty. For example, if you hire the wrong contractor, your renovation may cost too much or take too long to complete. It is hard to beat the type of impression you get from a one-on-one consultation. If you have been injured this winter, consider contacting The Law Offices of Roberto Hernandez for all Utah injury cases.