Shopping is one of my favorite activities to do.  I love to wander stores and look at items to buy new products that are available, or the latest and greatest gadgets. Whether in a department store, technology store, home goods store, or grocery store, I can easily get lost exploring.   While having a leisurely shopping day one of the last things on your mind is suffering an injury. Don’t be fooled, it can happen. While the thought may never have crossed your mind it happens more than you would guess – an object falls from an overhead shelf and serious injuries to a customer.  In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in 2017 nearly 237 deaths from falling objects occurred and roughly 50,000 injuries.
Unfortunately, stores can be a dangerous environment for their patrons.  Store shelves may be stacked too high or items may be placed precariously on overhead shelving units.  Shelves may also be overstocked with heavy items or boxes.  Too, many stores are crowded and many people can be on one isle or in a specific area. Another reason you may suffer an injury is that employees have not been properly trained or lack the appropriate equipment to stack or move products and objects.   Objects that fall onto store patrons can cause serious injury including neck, back, and head trauma.
When you are injured by a falling object, it may be grounds for a personal injury lawsuit.  Contact our offices today to discuss your rights with one of our professionals if you have been injured by a falling object.  Do not delay in doing so, as there may be evidence that needs to be preserved, including store surveillance.