Nursing home neglect and abuse in Utah

Whenever our loved ones reach a certain age, we begin to be concerned with their ability to care for themselves properly. Many people find themselves in a position where the best decision is a nursing or retirement home. Despite our best efforts and research, elder neglect and abuse can occur in any facility. There is a tool online where you can research various facilities in any state to find deficiency reports. Please visit this page to use their online nursing home inspection tool. When an elderly or disabled person has been neglected or abused, physical, mental, and emotional damage can occur. Our firm represents the individuals and families that have been affected due to the direct or accidental misconduct of another person.

Nursing home injury cases

Although serious injury can arise due to dishonest or dangerous staff members, punitive damages can be called for along with compensatory damages when these unfortunate cases occur. However, these cases are relatively rare as most accidents arise due to the negligence or poor training of staff. Below are some of the most common nursing or elderly care facilities that happen in Utah.

Falling while moving or while bed-bound

All nursing staff must know and understand the unique needs of each of their patients. Slips and falls are among the most common situations that cause damage to elderly patients. This can happen if a patient is not properly put in bed or did not have proper restraints that keep the patient from falling out of bed. In other cases, patients were not adequately monitored and could wander into dangerous areas or stairs. These injuries can be severe as older or disabled people are usually frailer than the average, non-disabled person.

Bedsores have developed

When a person is in bed for a long time, they must be provided with hygienic living conditions. Along with keeping bed sheets and comforters clean, the person must be moved periodically to relieve pressure. Bedsores are injuries that arise when a person is in one position for too long. They commonly occur on tailbones, hips, ankles, and heels as they are common pressure points when lying down. Elderly patients often cannot move on their own. It is up to staff members to help move and rotate the patients to alleviate pressure and allow certain skin areas to breathe.

Improper medication

Patients find themselves in need of sometimes dozens of medications they need daily. It is easy to see how an accident can happen when facilities have hundreds of residents needing various medications. Serious injury can arise if a person is not given proper medication or has been given the wrong medication or incorrect amounts. If you or a loved one has been injured at a nursing care facility or hospice, it is essential to seek legal representation.


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