You suffered a personal injury due to no fault of your own.  Despite not causing your injuries or contributing to them – you are the one who has to suffer the consequences.  This may include, pain and suffering, doctor’s appointments, medical bills, lost wages, property damage and more.  Now that you have incurred these out-of-pocket expenses, how are you ever going to pay for a lawyer?  Not to worry.  Our firm works on a contingent basis.  This means that you do not pay anything for our services unless we recover for you.  If we are successful and obtain a settlement for you, we will take a set percentage of that settlement.  We are that confident in our legal skills.  Moreover, our firm covers the costs of your case, including:  obtaining medical records, hiring experts, compiling reports, paying the costs of litigation, etc.  You will not pay for anything out-of-pocket to our firm until the conclusion of your case.
Still concerned?  That is completely legitimate.  To help alleviate your concerns, we also offer a free consultation to our clients.  This free consultation includes meeting with a lawyer and professional staff.  During the meeting our lawyers and legal professionals will discuss the pros and cons of your case, discuss options available to you, explain legal strategies, and outline exactly how our legal team can help you.  We will also discuss what you can expect from our legal team and make initial introductions.  It provides you an opportunity to interview us, and ensure that we are a right fight for you.  We will go through the facts and merits of your case, review records and reports, and outline our initial strategy.  We can advise you of your rights and remedies for recovery.
If you are feel we are the right fit for you, a formal fee agreement will need to be signed retaining us as your lawyers.  Again, there is no fee associated with signing this agreement and you do not have to pay a retainer.  The fee agreement simply retains us as your lawyer and outlines the percentage you will pay to us out of your recovery if we successfully obtain a settlement for you.  During the meeting the lawyer will go through the fee agreement with you as we want you to be entirely comfortable with the process.  There are no strings attached to the free consultation.  You always have the right to simply walk away and think about your options.  However, we are totally assured that you will want to retain our lawyers and legal team to support you during this difficult time.  Call our office today to schedule your free consultation.