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How to Find the Best Auto Accident Attorney

How to Find the Best Auto Accident Attorney

How to find the best auto accident, attorney

Being involved in a massive car crash can have devastating, life-long effects on the people involved. These are trying and confusing times that are filled with dread, doubt, confusion, and sadness. In the worst cases, families are put in a position where they have lost loved ones. In other cases, victims of the accident are faced with debilitating injuries such as head trauma or damage to the spine. Regardless of what you may be up against personally, one item remains true; it is essential to find the best personal injury lawyer for your case; if this is your first time needing an attorney, you may not know how to make the right decision. Below is a list of things you can do and what to look for on this journey.

Find a law firm that focuses on injury law.

As a general rule of thumb, finding a company specializing in one central area is better than finding a so-called “jack of all trades.” We do not suggest that it is impossible to find a reasonable attorney in a firm that does it all. Instead, if you have no legal representative suggestions from family and friends, an injury only firm is an excellent place to start looking. Attorneys that focus on one area of law tend to be more knowledgeable in that area.

Find an attorney that will be willing to go to trial.

Most Salt Lake City auto accident cases can be settled out of court beforehand. However, in some cases, insurance companies can be quite aggressive and refuse to provide a fair settlement. In these situations, it is highly beneficial to work with a fair trial record lawyer. It is not unheard of to find attorneys that handle cases without ever stepping into a courtroom. Insurance companies may know that the wrong attorney is unwilling to go to trial if necessary and will take advantage of this situation.

Look online for reviews.

The internet has changed how people find services, and the legal world is no different. Look for injury and accident attorneys in your local area. You can see their online reviews from places like Google Maps, Facebook, and Yelp. Reading these reviews will help you understand your neighbors’ experiences and the local community has come to expect. In general, look for a law firm with an average rating above 4.5 and a decent number of reviews for you to read online.

Request a consultation and case review

Most car accident attorneys will offer a free consultation meeting. This is a highly valuable opportunity to learn more about your case and where you stand in the eyes of the law. A successful consultation will put you in a place where you better understand the strengths and potential obstacles you may have in front of you. It is best to have a list prepared for questions and concerns made beforehand. A good fit for you is to work with someone that lets you know they have your best interests at heart. An attorney that is truly going to fight for your legal rights and work hard for fair compensation. If you live in Utah, we welcome you to contact The Law Offices of Roberto Hernandez at (801) 590-3275 or schedule an appointment online via our contact page.


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