Significant truck drivers often fall asleep at the wheel due to long hours, sitting in one position for a prolonged period, and monotonous roads. The combination of these factors can lead to fatigue and drowsiness, which increases the risk of falling asleep while driving. Truckers must drive long distances and often don’t take regular breaks or eat healthy meals on their trips, making them especially vulnerable to fatigue while behind the wheel.

Remember, Trucks Drivers Can Make Mistakes

Other factors that may contribute to a driver’s safety include distractions such as cell phone use and playing music loud enough that it impedes their ability to remain alert. Additionally, medications used to help with sleep—such as antihistamines—can cause drowsiness and increase the likelihood of dozing off while driving.

Safe Driving Tips

Driving around large semi-trucks is something that requires extra caution and attention. The size of these vehicles means they need more room to maneuver, and they are not as agile or responsive as a car. It’s important to remember some simple safety tips when driving around semi-trucks:

1. Give the truck plenty of time and space on the road. Don’t try to pass them too soon or get too close while they are turning. They need extra room to turn, accelerate, and merge into traffic safely.

2. Always use your turn signals when changing lanes near a semi-truck. Ensure you warn them before switching lanes so they know you are moving and can adjust their speed accordingly.

3. Always check the truck’s blind spots before changing lanes or passing them. Semi-trucks have more significant blind spots than cars, so it’s important to double-check before taking any action.

4. Avoid driving in a semi truck’s blind spot as much as possible. When passing a semi-truck, do not linger in its blind spot or follow too closely behind them.

5. Be aware of the speed limits for trucks on different roads and highways; some streets may have lower speed limits for semi-trucks than cars.

Stay Alert Around Semi-Trucks

Following these safety tips will help you drive safely around semi-trucks. Always give them extra space and be aware of their blind spots when going near them. By following these tips, you can avoid dangerous situations on the road and help keep everyone safe!