Common causes of motorcycle accidents

One of the most frustrating aspects of any vehicle accident is that they could have been avoided. If you look at the reasons an accident has occurred, they almost always come back to a human error of some kind. Motorcycles are much smaller and harder to see than a car. Also, a rider is completely exposed to the horrible forces of a crash. However, if you plan and take the necessary precautions, you may avoid these common motorcycle accidents.

Here are three of the most common motorcycle accidents in Utah and what you can do to avoid them:

Left Turn

Left-turn accidents are the most common type of accident across the entire country. In most cases, the car driver fails to see you or misjudges the distance between your vehicle and theirs as they turn in front of you.

A good motorcyclist needs to think a couple of steps ahead of the car driver. You will develop a sixth sense to tell if there is a danger of an accident ahead with experience. Watch to see if there is a sign that the driver will turn left; there may be a gap in traffic right in front of you.


If you’re turning the corner and you suddenly see a patch of gravel, you may find that it can cause a severe wipeout, leaving you injured and in need of medical attention.

You can prevent these situations from happening by not hitting turns fast when you cannot see around them. A good rule of thumb on taking turns on any motorcycle is “slow in, fast out.”

Switching Lanes

This happens way too often. You are riding through traffic when out of nowhere, a car begins to veer into your lane. It’s extremely easy for motorcycles to become hidden in a car’s blind spot. Furthermore, drivers are not always mentally prepared to be aware of motorcyclists when switching lanes.

Try to keep your distance from a car; the more space, the better. Do not sit in a car’s blind spot. If you cannot see the driver look at their side mirror, assume they cannot see you.

Remaining safe on a motorcycle involves proactive and defensive driving. However, sometimes accidents are an unfortunate and inevitable circumstance. If you have been in an accident, contact our experienced lawyers at (801) 590-3275 to speak with a legal professional and request a consultation.


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