Avoid being hit by a car while walking.

After years of serving the local community, we have seen the devastating results of accidents involving vehicles. A car hitting another car is a bad enough situation, but some cases are even worse. We are talking about the unfortunate reality of what happens when a vehicle strikes a person walking on the sidewalk or at traffic intersections. In almost all vehicle vs. pedestrian battles, the car always wins. Because the stakes are so high, the vehicle operator is nearly always responsible for avoiding hitting pedestrians.

We have discussed the new phenomenon of distracted walking and how people can be distracted by devices like their cell phones while walking. Because pedestrian accidents are often life-threatening, we would like to discuss other safety items that can be forgotten about while using the sidewalk or crosswalk. By avoiding these common mistakes or lapses in judgment, you can prevent accidents and even save your life.

Not paying enough attention.

We see this all the time—people walking while texting or just on the phone having a conversation while crossing the street and not paying attention. These pedestrians step out on traffic without looking both ways, often stepping in front of a car and even sometimes ignoring the crosswalk’s “Don’t Walk” signal. If you may be one of these pedestrians, be more alert when walking through busy downtown roads. As drivers, assume that pedestrians are not paying attention to you and practice extra precautions on pedestrian-dense roads.

Intoxicated Ventures

Destinations like Downtown Salt Lake City are full of people on Fridays and Saturday nights, many of which have had too many alcoholic beverages. As a pedestrian, realize that you’re not entirely safe outside, especially in the later hours of the night. Drivers, please be on the lookout for drunks walking into the street late at night.

Speak with an injury attorney

You must have someone on your side when the worst happens. Suppose you or a loved one has been struck by a car, truck, or motorcycle. You need to fight for your rights. Victims of pedestrian auto accidents often have large medical bills, time lost from work, long-term injuries, or even a wrongful death situation. If you have been struck by a Utah vehicle, consider calling The Law Offices of Roberto Hernandez at (801) 590-3275 to speak with a legal professional and schedule a case consultation.


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