One of the most common questions those new to the world of personal injury litigation has to do with time and money. Many people mistakenly think that it always costs them money to have an attorney on their side. Although this is true with many legal services, it is not necessarily how many personal injury attorneys in Utah represent their clients. Perhaps you have heard of a contingency fee basis. This is when injury lawyers will say, “we don’t get paid unless you do.” Another way of looking at this is that the law firm will not collect their legal fees unless their client gets a settlement offer. This will result from negotiations, but it is necessary to go to mediation or even a jury trial in some cases. The second most common concern has to do with the length of time it will take to settle a claim.

Factors that determine how long a case will take to settle

Time for treatment after an accident

The number one factor that determines how long a case will take is not something that the law firm can directly control. Seeking proper medical treatment and ensuring that a client’s medical needs are taken care of is the number one priority. It takes time for people to heal from their wounds and for doctors to treat and diagnose both short-term and long-term medical needs. Typically, the more damage that has been sustained, the longer the case will take because treatment and rehabilitation can take months or even a few years. In some cases, for example, a large car accident, people find themselves having life-long ailments that need to be adequately addressed.

Gathering evidence

Another factor determining the turn-around time of a case has to do with the evidence necessary and how this evidence is obtained. One of the most compelling reasons to speak with an attorney quickly after an accident or injury has occurred is because it helps establish and preserve necessary evidence in your case. This, like medical records, pictures, video, police reports, and even expert reports, takes time to develop and obtain.

How the at-fault part handles the case

Your personal injury attorney is placed with the task of seeking justice for your injuries, pain and suffering, time lost from work, and out of pocket expenses. Some insurance companies see the total damage of what has happened and are more reasonable and willing to make a fair offer after a few demand letters. In other cases, insurance companies fail to see the injured party as anything more than a file on their desk. This can result in unfair offers that do not even come close to providing compensation for all the damages in the case. Only after following negotiations, mediations, and even a jury trial can a fair settlement be achieved. Every case is different, and the path to justice is not the same for everyone. If you have been injured in Utah and would like to see how an injury lawyer can help your case, consider calling The Law Offices of Roberto Hernadez today.