Victims of an accident need to secure evidence in their case. Doing so will help their attorneys establish where negligence took place and other factors that lead up to an accident. Surveillance video footage can be extremely useful and, in some cases, can be the difference between a favorable and unfavorable case outcome. If you have read our online blog before, you know that we recommend speaking with an injury attorney soon after an accident has taken place. Video footage is often recorded over quickly, so time is of the essence if this footage is going to be recovered.

Understanding video evidence

Most business owners have security cameras to protect their establishment, as a deterrent, or to document a robbery. These cameras can also record an accident happening, such as a slip and fall case resulting in a potential liability situation. The burden of proof will lie on the shoulders of the victim, known as the plaintiff. Part of proving a case means gaining evidence through photographs, videos, testimonials, documents, and so forth. Video evidence can be some of the most powerful in any case because it visually shows precisely what happened. Going back to our property liability example, it could show negligence, safety violations, or another situation where property owners should have acted differently.

Meeting with an injury attorney is the first and most crucial step towards obtaining fair compensation. By reviewing your case, your attorney should understand whether or not video evidence is available and if it will be relevant to your topic. If it is deemed that having video evidence will be necessary, your law firm will be able to subpoena the correct establishment to obtain these videos. If you have been injured in Utah and would like to learn more about your legal rights, consider calling The Law Offices of Roberto Hernandez to learn more.