With the weather cooling down in the next few days and COVID-19 making a resurgence, many are out enjoying the gorgeous fall and winter days. Bicycle sales have risen dramatically during the pandemic. However, this could mean that there are less experienced cyclists that are about to hit the road. Inexperience by either the driver or the cyclist creates a dangerous situation for cyclists and vehicle drivers.  

Here are a few tips to help you prevent an accident so you can focus on the beauty of the fall leaves and the winter snow:

 How Cyclists can be Safe this Autumn 

A Helmet is a Must

Even if a helmet may feel bulky and uncomfortable at first, they are a necessary piece of safety equipment. A Helmet dramatically reduces your risk of head injury or death from a collision. No matter how severe the crash, a helmet can mean the difference between you walking away with minor injuries and waking up in the hospital.

Dress Appropriately

Have you ever noticed that most bicyclists are usually wearing bright colors like orange, yellow, or pink? The purpose is for these outfits to capture the eye of any other cyclists or vehicles that are approaching. Avoid colors that could make you blend into the background, like wearing black will make you hard to see at night. So, the brighter and more reflective the color, the better. Follow this even during the day. Reflective materials will assure that you are more visible to vehicle operators, other cyclists, and pedestrians.

Be Sure to Listen

You may want to listen to some music while you’re soaking in the surroundings, but this can inhibit your ability to hear other vehicles on the road. Avoid wearing earbuds, but if you must, wear only one. 

Obey Traffic Laws

Even though this may seem obvious, people forget that traffic signs and light signals were put in place to protect you. Come to full stops at all stop signs and obey all traffic lights. Vehicles are not the only ones held accountable for their neglect in this area.


The last thing you want is for your chain to break or your tire to pop while out on a lovely Saturday ride. A blown-out tire could also become a very hazardous situation. So, give your bicycle regular maintenance checks before hitting the road. Also, consider upgrading your bicycle with an excellent front and rear light/reflector to make you more visible during the day and night.


Signal your next move to other bicyclists and motorists the same way you were to use your blinkers while driving a motor vehicle.