PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder is a significant problem that influences millions of people each year throughout the country. In many cases, PTSD can be caused by any kind of distressing or horrific occasion, consistent with automobile accidents. Research has revealed that approximately nine percent of the population with a car or truck accident will go through some post-traumatic stress disorder. The number escalates to nearly 60 percent when the person associated with an auto-accident seeks mental healthcare after the mishap.

Being harmed in a car accident can transform the lives of those involved and that of their friends, family, and loved ones. The Salt Lake City auto accident legal representatives of The Law Offices of Roberto Hernandez can assist you in recouping settlements for your injuries, both mental and physical.

The Signs and Symptoms of PTSD

If you believe you may have PTSD after an accident, it is important to recognize what it is and what signs may be associated with this disorder after a car or massive truck accident. PTSD can complicate your life to the point where you no longer feel able to get behind the wheel of your vehicle. The lack of drive can seriously limit your ability to get to work or live everyday life in many ways. People who have PTSD can also trigger immense emotional distress and lead to ongoing depression and anxiety.

The symptoms of PTSD include the following:

  • Sense of feeling nervous or anxious when you drive or need to drive.
  • You relive the car accident and feel a strong sense of panic.
  • You may be experiencing avoidance where you avoid certain roads, times of day, or driving altogether.
  • You come to be extra careful (you are on the lookout for risks lurking around every edge).
  • You end up being numb to the world around you (feeling helpless, depressed, and unable to feel various other sorts of emotions).

Terrible Stress and Car Crashes.

Stressful anxiety has long been linked to vehicle accidents. However, most people who make it through serious accidents do not experience any psychological wellness concerns that call for medical treatment, according to the United States Division of Veterans Affairs. However, this does not mean that those experiencing PTSD have anything wrong with them or that they are alone. Research from VA has found that at least 14 percent of survivors of significant accidents who seek medical treatment for mental issues will suffer from PTSD. Throughout various studies carried out, the general standard is about 60 percent.

The studies have likewise found that anywhere from three to 53 percent of survivors identify with PTSD develop mood conditions like significant depression. An additional study discovered that with those seeking mental treatment, 27 percent experienced anxiety-related issues, and another 15 percent stated they established a phobia of driving.

Threat Factors for Developing PTSD After a Collision.

More than three million individuals are injured every year in automobile crashes across the United States. The probability of PTSD triggered by vehicle crashes increase if you experience any or all of the following risk elements:

  • Losing a friend, loved one, or family member as a result of the accident
  • Your family has a background of psychological issues.
  • The injuries you experienced threatened your life.
  • You were suffering from emotional troubles before the accident.
  • You experienced dissociation during the crash.
  • If you did not get a lot of support after the accident.
  • You have struggled with guilt, concern, vulnerability, pity, or horror since the accident.

What To Do If You Experience PTSD Symptoms.

If you have experienced any one of the symptoms of PTSD stated above, you should consider seeking treatment from a medical professional or family physician as soon as possible. This is not something you ought to attempt to resolve on your own or try to wait out the storm to see if things get better. The longer you experience these signs and symptoms without seeking treatment, the worse the PTSD can influence your day to day life.

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