We all face pressures while on the job. Managers and team leaders are always trying to get the most out of workers to increase productivity. It can be challenging to hit numbers and meet quotas timeframes that might be expected. It can be tempting to try and find ways to take shortcuts in the workplace to help make a specific task more manageable. Below are some common missteps that workers commonly make in the workplace. If you have done or have coworkers that do things like these actions, remind everyone that they are not safe.

Climbing or using items to reach higher areas

It is essential to follow all safety standards while on the job. These requirements may sound unnecessary, but they have all been established for a reason and have employees’ best interests in mind. One of the most common injuries that happen on the job is climbing on items that are not meant to support a person’s weight—for example, standing on a chair or bucket to reach a high up area. Remember that only ladders or step stools should be used while painting or reaching an item stored up high.

Ignoring cleaning or maintenance tasks

Cleaning up after a job has been completed is one of the most skipped tasks. Although this final step may seem unnecessary, it is essential for coworkers and customers’ safety. Failure to clean up and maintain a work area can lead to slips, falls, or tripping in cluttered areas. These accidents can happen from spilled liquids that were not cleaned up or items blocking a hallway or stairway. It is not worth the safety risks of skipping a cleaning or maintaining an area.

Using damaged or broken tools

Many employees can be tempted to ignore issues that prevent them from getting their job done. If a tool at the office is damaged, broken, or otherwise functioning effectively, halt its usage and call experts to make repair work. Never attempt to conserve time by fixing it yourself if you are not the professional educated to do so. The work can wait while your company timetables proper repairs. Unprofessional hacks or low-quality repair services could cause significant injury dangers. Changing a missing out on device guard with an item of plywood, for instance, might cause fatal injuries if an employee obtains caught in the machine. When it involves security, do the right thing. Always follow procedure rather than utilizing harmful faster ways.

What can be done if you are injured?

Although this article is designed to be a safety reminder, we know that accidents can and will happen. If you are an employee or customer, you have a right to a confident expectation of safety. If you believe you have been injured due to negligence or misjudgment, you have legal options to help pursue compensation. Consider calling The Law Offices of Roberto Hernandez today at (801) 590-3275 to speak with a legal professional or schedule a case review.


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