Safety is not a guaranteed luxury when you’re riding a bicycle; it is a learned skill. If you are going to take your bike out for a ride after dusk, there are a couple of precautions you should be taking to ensure your safety. 

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 Below are some ways to learn to protect yourself best while riding a bicycle after dark in Utah.

Stay Visible

Please stick to the same route you take, as it’s important not to venture through unfamiliar roads at night. Please have a good understanding of your path’s terrain, as it can help you maneuver safely throughout your ride.

It’s imperative to always think about your safety while you are riding around at night. If you’re riding in well-lit areas, it increases your chances of being spotted, but this is not always the case. However, keeping an eye on what’s going on around you helps you stay on your toes and make any maneuvers possible to keep you safe. 

Avoid driving around in areas that are known for speeding, drunk driving, and high crime. 

Abide By The Law 

Expert bicycle riders suggest that you stick within the bicycle lanes whenever possible, riding in the direction of traffic. Avoid highways and refrain from drugs and alcohol when you are riding. 

All traffic laws are designed to protect you as well as others. Should you neglect to follow the law while riding your bike at night, it may lead to accidents, tickets, and more. 

Reflective Gear 

It has been proven that just adding reflective strips to your pedals is helpful to aid other vehicles in spotting you. As you are peddling your bicycle, these reflectors spin in such a manner that they can easily catch a motorist’s attention. Also, please invest in adding front and backlights. A reflective vest can add to your visibility; however, it is optional. 


Be Prepared At All Times

Imagine your chain becomes dislodged during your night ride. So, it is crucial to make sure that your bicycle has always received proper maintenance before you depart. In order to avoid having to fix something in the dark, try adding extra parts to your bicycle as a “fail-safe” plan. If you do this, throw in a few extra tools, backup parts, spare tires, lights, and maybe a new chain.

Buddy System

There truly is safety in numbers — so try to take your night rides with a group of friends. You all can help each other if there’s a mechanical issue. Also, riding a bicycle in a group increases the odds of other vehicle drivers seeing you. 

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