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Who is Responsible for a Car Accident?

Responsibility may be shared by both the driver and the pedestrian in some situations. Utah is a growing state, not only in terms of our overall population but with the number of visitors we get every year. As with any growing area, more people means more accidents. We are writing this article to talk about

Five Leading Causes of Tractor-Trailer Accidents

Avoid Accidents with Large Trucks Perhaps out of all the legal injury cases we handle as a firm, accidents involving large commercial trucks are the most devastating. It is simple to see just how trucking crashes can lead to catastrophic injuries and even death. The driver and passengers of smaller, traditional vehicles are unfortunately far more likely

What to do After a Car Crash?

Steps you can take after an auto accident An automobile crash is quite a disorienting occurrence. People who have been involved in a small accident, report that they often forget what happened and have a hard time figuring out their surroundings. As soon as they come to their senses, it is important to ensure that

Various Injuries that can Happen in a Car Accident

Common auto accident injuries Car accidents are among the most common incidents that cause severe injuries and medical concerns to drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. As a car accident law firm, the most frustrating truths are that most accidents are entirely avoidable. They are caused by human error, and in an ideal world, these accidents would
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